Stewardship Commission

Commission Chair: Judy Baker



This commission prepares the proposed annual budget of the church with the assistance of the President of the Executive Board and ministerial staff. They review and adjust, if necessary, the budget as approved by the congregation to meet the expected income for the budget year and recommend necessary changes to the Executive Board for final approval. They work with the Business Manager to institute policies and procedures to follow in keeping the financial records of the church, and keep in the forefront of efforts, that growth as a committed Christian is directly related to one's concept of Christian stewardship. They help the congregation have a complete understanding of Christian stewardship, the church's annual budget and what ministries their giving supports.

Volunteer Opportunities: Write an article or make a verbal presentation about any area of stewardship (such as financial support of congregational ministry, the importance of outreach giving, stewardship of one's time & talents, or being environmental stewards).  Serve on the stewardship commission, investments committee or Wills/Trusts/Memorials/Scholarship team.  Include the church in your will.  Make a gift for special projects.  Assist with weekly offering count.