Serenity Prayer

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Prayer Concerns

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Please remember the following in your prayers:

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SYMPATHY: The family of Marj Haas who passed away August 6th in Arizona

IN TREATMENT FOR CANCER: Craig Brandon, Cal Decker, Mark Steinle, Billy Triplett, Colleen Zeglin, Kent Neubert, Dave Baker, Anne Klocksiem

HEALTH & OTHER CONCERNS: Dave King, Rouse Family, June Bredemeyer, Gene Buck, Cal Decker’s Uncle Paul, Dave Foster, Marie Robertson, Bob Glasspoole, Monica Decker, Lorna Cook, Kathy Meloy, Sharon Bridgeman, Ed Strube, Stan McIrvin, Trace Winsel (Pat Buck’s nephew), Corbin Dionne

SENIOR MEMBERS: Wilma Allen, Rev. & Mrs. Axworthy, Betty Black, June Bredemeyer, Roger & Lorna Cook, Dottie Gray, Wanda Hall, Jean Johnson, Catharine Kingsolver, John & Sharon Lansing (Sheridan), Bev Mattson (SD), Roger Miller (MT), Bernice Riley (Cheyenne), Marie Robertson, Dona Ryan, Grace Sallstrom (CO), Fran Wroble (CO)

COMMUNITY & WORLD CONCERN: Missionary Becca Owen, Swaziland; those recovering from natural disasters; those traumatized by violence; safe travels for everyone on the road this summer; unity in our nation and PEACE in the world

PRAYER PARTNERS: All Saints Episcopal Church, Torrington – Pastor Brian Gross 

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FALL SUNDAY SCHOOL (INCLUDING HOMEBUILDERS ADULT CLASS) WILL BEGIN meeting Sunday, September 17th. Children’s classes as well as Worship & Wonder for preschoolers will meet during the 10:10 worship service. If you wish to help with Children’s Sunday School contact Jennifer Grooms and if you would like to hep with Worship & Wonder, contact Erika Stupak. Homebuilders will meet at 9:00 a.m. in the Inner Room. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

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Please pray for Chuck with ongoing arrhythmia problems.