Property Commission

Commission Chair: Dan Coey



This commission sees that all church property is well maintained. Their primary responsibilities are: the church building, surrounding grounds, and the church van.  This includes maintenance, housekeeping services, and general use of the buildings and van, as well as purchase or sale of church property/items. They annually review church property needs and determine when expansion or modifications of existing facilities are necessary and recommend such additions and modifications to the Executive Board. They make an annual inventory of all property and equipment belonging to the church, recommend proper insurance coverage of church property to the Executive Board and assist in the procurement of insurance.

Volunteer Opportunities: Serve at a spring or fall "clean-up" day.  Volunteer skills for maintenance around church, at homes of elderly or for people in need in our community.  Recent special projects include: installing a new boiler, updating kitchens, upgrade to sanctuary computer, building a gazebo (Eagle Scout project).