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Bulletin Prayer Concerns

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CARD SHOWER: Choir Members

SYMPATHY: The Hawley family upon the death of nephew Kyle Boundy in car accident on Wednesday, Dec. 13 in Montana.

JOY: Blanket Blitz yesterday

IN TREATMENT FOR CANCER: Craig Brandon, Cal Decker, Billy Triplett, Colleen Zeglin, Kent Neubert, Dave Baker, Anne Klocksiem, Bruce Braley, Dan Brown

HEALTH & OTHER CONCERNS: Dave King, June Bredemeyer, Gene Buck, Cal Decker’s Uncle Paul, Dave Foster, Marie Robertson, Monica Decker, Ed Strube, Joe Vlastos, Ted Elser, Patrick Braley, Nickey Porter, Henry Tanner, Marie Oliver, Carol Sage’s son-in-law, Sharon Warren, Keith Rouse

SENIOR MEMBERS: Wilma Allen, Rev. & Mrs. Axworthy, June Bredemeyer, Roger & Lorna Cook, Dottie Gray, Wanda Hall, Jean Johnson, Catharine Kingsolver, John & Sharon Lansing (Sheridan), Bev Mattson (SD), Roger Miller (MT), Bernice Riley (Cheyenne), Marie Robertson, Grace Sallstrom (CO), Fran Wroble (CO), Lois Koch, Emma Crawford

COMMUNITY & WORLD CONCERN: Missionary Bruce VanVoorhis, Hong Kong; Recovery efforts from hurricanes and wildfires; pray for peace in the world; strength for those struggling with mental illness. PRAYER PARTNER: Community Christian Church, Salida, CO