Church Dedication Anniversary Prayer

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Church Dedication Anniversary Prayer

by Paul Berchtold, February, 2011

Let us celebrate a grand feast, From the greatest to the least, Let us rejoice, on this happy morn, The special day our church was born.

God bless those who planted the seed, And those who gave to every need, And those who labored, with such care, To build this church, God's House of Prayer.

May we follow their example bright, Generously live, do what's right, Like them, may we, give God our best, So our souls can find his rest.

May all who come find peace and light, May God's presence and his might, Gently guard this holy place, May all find joy, abundant grace.

Thank you, God, for what's been done, Here at this place, through your Son, May your work, keep on growing, Love and peace overflowing. Amen.