Monday of Holy Week

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Hello Friends:

A hope you were all able to enjoy this lovely Palm Sunday afternoon. 

I missed not being able to be together today and I sure missed the "parade of Palms" with our children--that is always a highlight of our church year. 

Here's a question for you...what are your memories of Palm Sunday: memories of your children, your grandchildren, memories of yourself marching up and down the aisle around the pews at church waving palms, perhaps beating on your sister or brother with your palm branch?? placing your palm branch in front of the communion table? refusing to do so? memories of your parents or other church folks placing you in line, reminding you palms are not weapons to be used on siblings...look around in the recesses of your memory. What do you find there? 

One of my favorite memories is when I was an Associate Pastor in Texas. The youth did not want to be left out so we had them lead the palm procession and make an arch with their palm branches for the younger children to parade through, then the children were to walk around the communion table and leave their branches on the chancel. It was wonderful and just about perfect, but the kids were so excited they kept marching through the arch around and around and didn't take their palms to the chancel. A couple of moms had the youth lead the children out into the narthex and took care of things from there. It was an unexpected burst of joy to begin Palm Sunday. 

Share your memories with each other. Share them with your elder and/or your elder group. Hey, call or email me and tell me about them. I'd love to hear them. 

As we now move into Holy Week, we turn our attention to the happenings in Jerusalem during the last days of Jesus life. 

Each day this week we will look at a particular Holy Week event through the lens of poetry, art and music. 

The stories will come from different gospels; the poetry, art and music are from a variety of traditions--classical, modern, contemporary. The artistic reflections will not appeal to everyone; many are not particularly Christian. All have been chosen to help draw out meaning from scripture and provide new perspectives as we ponder and meditate on the events of this week. 

A word about the "links": I'm not very tech savvy but I think this works--
if you press CTRL + place the cursor on the link + LEFT CLICK all at once it should take you to the article or the video. If not, copy, cut and paste usually works.

Holy Week, Monday

Each daily mediation guide may also be found on our website under "The Minister's Desk."

We may not be physically together but we are walking these last days with Jesus, watching, waiting, learning and following along the way together. 

If you have questions or want to talk please call me, text or email me.  


Peace to all along the way,