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Category: Announcement
Posted by: rblack117

NOMINATING COMMITTEE thanks to all who’ve given recommendations for 2019 Officers, Elders & Diaconate. If you have not done so yet, please fill out a nominations form and place it in the offering trays. Deadline is next Sunday, September 23rd. Several people have indicated they are willing to continue serving in specific positions. The Church Bylaws allow for additional nominations of people that you believe God is calling to serve in those positions. Nominations are open for six Elders, and nine Deacons. Three people are needed to serve on the Nominating Committee: One for a 1-year term to co-chair with Allen Singleton in 2019 and two people to serve a 3 year-term, co-chairing in 2021. Elders & Deacons going off of service cannot be reappointed to the same positions.