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Posted by: rblack117

CARD SHOWER: Brian Black recovering from back surgery

LIVING WITH CANCER: Cal Decker, Colleen Zeglin, Kent Neubert, Dave Baker, Michael McCabe, Jim Doyle, Mary Oliver, Lani McBee

HEALTH & OTHER CONCERNS: Gene Buck, Monica Decker, Ed Strube, Don Sinn, Lee Yohn, Chuck Stewart, Frankie, Roger Cook, Virginia Yohn, Joan McNamara

SENIOR MEMBERS: Betty Axworthy, Dr. Bryant Badger, Betty Blain, Roger & Lorna Cook, Emma Crawford, Marie Henthorn, Jean Johnson, Bev Mattson (SD)

COMMUNITY & WORLD CONCERNS: Missionary Karen Campbell-Nelson; continued prayers for search committee as they continue the search for a Lead Pastor, coronavirus outbreak