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Bulletin Prayer Concerns

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CARD SHOWER: Preschool Teacher Brianna Reaves at the passing of her grandmother

LIVING WITH CANCER: Cal Decker, Colleen Zeglin, Kent Neubert, Dave Baker, Bruce Braley, Mary Lee Stinson, Bjorg Halldorsdottir, Scott Whitcomb (Trisha Woods’ father), Eli Hallock, John Barrett

HEALTH & OTHER CONCERNS: Gene Buck, Monica Decker, Ed Strube, Don Sinn, Chuck Stewart, Caroline (Kathy Meloy’s sister), Frankie (Rita Petersen’s daughter), Levi Ostrander, Charlie Bredemeyer, Elaine Singleton, Cheryl Rummler, Lee Yohn, Allen McKenzie, Debbie Mestas, Melanie Smith

SENIOR MEMBERS: Wilma Allen, Mrs. Betty Axworthy, Dr. Bryant D. Badger (CO), Betty Blain, June Bredemeyer, Roger & Lorna Cook, Emma Crawford, Wanda Hall, Marie Henthorn, Jean Johnson, Lois Koch, John & Sharon Lansing (Sheridan), Bev Mattson (SD), Marie Robertson, Fran Wroble (CO)

COMMUNITY/WORLD CONCERNS: Missionary Jeanette Salley, Nicaragua; grief & suicide in Natrona County; those affected by storms & severe weather

PRAYER PARTNERS: The Table, Pastor Libby Tedder Hugus

JOY – Our Week of Compassion “noisy offering” was $212.43. 2019 Total so far: $534.23. In 2018, Disciples gifts allowed the Week of Compassion to distribute over $2 million to communities experiencing disaster of many kinds.