Serenity Prayer

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Bulletin Prayer Concerns

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CARD SHOWER: Someone you know who is grieving.
SYMPATHY: to Jackie Cook at the death of her sister; the family of Jace Ferre?

LIVING WITH CANCER: Cal Decker, Colleen Zeglin, Kent Neubert, Dave Baker, Bruce Braley, Dan Brown, Mary Lee Stinson, Bjorg Halldorsdottir, Bob Hooker

HEALTH & OTHER CONCERNS: Gene Buck, Dave Foster, Monica Decker, Ed Strube, Lee Yohn, Don Sinn, Chuck Stewart, Melanie White, Ruth Leeling, Echo Foster, Bob Griffin, Trisha Nichols, Amber French, Lois Purvis, Caroline (Kathy Meloy’s sister), Mike Ward, Ruth Jones, Denby Burgess

SENIOR MEMBERS: Wilma Allen, Mrs. Betty Axworthy, June Bredemeyer, Roger & Lorna Cook, Wanda Hall, Jean Johnson, John & Sharon Lansing (Sheridan), Bev Mattson (SD), Marie Robertson, Fran Wroble (CO), Lois Koch, Emma Crawford, Betty Blain, Dr. Bryant D. Badger

COMMUNITY & WORLD CONCERNS: Missionary Sarah Williams, India; victims of violence; communities struggling with racism, bigotry or hate; Ostranders in China

PRAYER PARTNERS: FCC Greeley, CO – Rev. Mark Pumphrey