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“Jesus Comes”

Category: Ministerial
Posted by: rblack117

Like a Mom or a Dad loving us when we’re sad, parent’s love making glad, Jesus comes.
Like a friend in the night, come to help hold us tight, as a friend in the night Jesus comes.

In the darkest of night, when all hope’s taken flight, in the darkness of night, Jesus comes.
With the first ray of dawn, just to help us go on,
at the first ray of dawn, Jesus comes.

In our tears, in our grief, bringing peace and relief, in our tears and our grief, Jesus comes.
As we find joy anew, live with purpose to do,
and hope flies back in view, Jesus comes.

Music: Like a Child by Dan Damon, 1992 (Chalice Hymnal page 133) Text: written by the Rev. Cynthia McBride

– following a night at the hospital with a grieving family...