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2018 Men's Fly Fishing & Theology Retreat

Category: Announcement
Posted by: rblack117
Dear MEN of FCC   (ladies - please forward to your husbands, brothers, uncles, friends)...
What follows is an invitation from Doug Goodwin, Pastor of FCC Sheridan, to the 2018 Men's Fly Fishing & Theology retreat.  Tom Dowler went last year, so feel free to ask him about the experience.
The waters of northern Wyoming make for great fly fishing!  Whether you're an expert, have some experience, or might want to try fly fishing for the very first time - you're invited.  Even if you have no interest in fishing but would enjoy some time relaxing in a beautiful setting and conversing with other men about questions of faith, you're invited.
The schedule is as laid back or active as you choose, with fishing & time outdoors during the day and conversation in the evenings.
Check out the dates in August & contact Pastor Doug for more info:
-Pastor Cynthia